BMB Groundbreaking BMB Groundbreaking The site on Friday before the big day. 169030602 The site prepared for set up, waiting. 169030603 Markings along Millard Farmer Road indicate that things are progressing. 169030605 We met at the Fairgrounds on Friday to deliver things for Saturday morning. 169030600 County Planning Department employee, Ben Sewell, checking out the shovels. 169030601 All decorated and ready. 169030599 Saturday morning, Shovels ready and waiting. 169031136 Saturday morning after Board members set up at the site. 169031133 All is quiet. 169031137 At the Fairgrounds Pat is getting refreshments ready. 169030596 Early volunteers are arriving. 169031143 We gathered here to be bused over to the site. 169031140 169031141 169031144 169031145 169031142 169031146 169031147 169031148 The bus has arrived. 169031138 169031132 169031135 The bus arrives and we all move up the hill. 169031125 169031128 169031122 169031123 169031127 169031130 169031131 169031124 Commissioner Tim Lassetter welcomed everyone. 169031118 Commissioner Lassetter gave a short history of the battle and gave the timeline for arriving at this day. 169031120 Retired Commissioner Jim McGuffey, District Two, was one of those responsible for acquiring the property. 169031116 Georgia Representative Lynn Smith of District 70 was one of the forces in acquiring the grant being used for construction of Phase I. 169031115 169031114 Mr. Sam Wellborn, Third Congressional District Representative to Georgia Transportation Board, has been very supportive of the efforts to preserve the battlefield and expressed continued support in the future. 169031112 The first shovels of dirt!! 169031110 Most of the Brown's Mill Battlefield Association Board of Directors 169031108 Everyone got a chance to throw some dirt. 169030597 UDC ladies 169031107 SCV guys 169030604